There are 3 ways
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with Style Island...

clothing styles for ladies

PRIME Customer

As our PRIME Customer you will receive personalised style advice at the convenience of your home.

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Fashion Consultant

Style Island
Style Consultant

As a Style Island Style Consultant you will receive regular style updates and trainings.

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Style Consultant

Style Island
Style Partner

As a Style Partner, you can invite others to join Style Island and build a team of people selling products

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Why Are We Different?

As a Style Consultant, this is your opportunity
to building a rewarding business that you love on your terms—part time,
full time, when, where and how you want.

Find out which Career Opportunity suits you best

Is Style Island the right fit for you?

Tell us what attracted you to the Style Consultant career opportunity, and we'll tell you why Style Island might be a perfect fit.

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Which of the following brings you the most career satisfaction?

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Do you have a background in fashion?

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Do you closely follow the latest fashion trends?

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What most interested you about becoming a StyleIsland Style Consultant?

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Do you belong to social clubs and groups in your community?

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How would you describe your relationship with your girlfriends?

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Which of the following is most important when considering a company?

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Are you or have you been affiliated with another social selling company?

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How do you use social media to connect?

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How do you envision building your Style Island business?


Earning Opportunity with Style Island

Are you passionate about Style Island products? Or maybe just curious to try them out? Do you want to know more about Styling? By becoming a Style Consultant, you will enjoy easy access to our high-quality Fashion Products. In addition, you will also receive a plethora of benefits which will make your shopping experience even more enjoyable!

Benefits of Becoming a Style Consultant

Look Good, Feel Good
Look Good, Feel Good

Style Island is every Fashion lover's paradise with something for everyone!

Great Discounts & Savings
Great Discounts & Savings

Enjoy the exciting offers and get discount on all your orders.

VIP Loyalty Program
VIP Loyalty Program

Get exclusive loyalty rewards by shopping more.

Shop on-the-go
Shop on-the-go

With fast and convenient online payment and delivery options, shop anywhere, anytime.

Style Partner
Upgrade to
Style Partner

Opportunity to upgrade anytime and earn like Style Partner!

What's in it for you as a STYLE PARTNER?

Work from Home, No Startup Cost, Be Your Own Boss


With Style Island you are your own boss. Work with Fashion, Manage your own time, and Earn Extra Income!

You can start your business today and immediately make money by selling products. Or, you can build your own team and increase your earnings over time as you coach them to grow too.
No previous experience of Fashion or building a business? Don't worry, we got your back every step of the journey. We'll provide you with tools to help grow your business. Get access to trainings, workshops, and coachingeverything you need to succeed and achieve your goals.

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Your achievements should never go unrecognised! We reward success with exciting events all over the world.

Want to see the world?
As a Style Island Style Partner you can avail international trips where we'll recognise your success. You will also meet and get inspired by other Style Partners from around the country.

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Be a part of something bigger with like-minded, amazing people from all over India.

One of the benefits of being an Style Partner is getting the chance to meet and network with new friends from all over India who share your entrepreneurial spirit and interest in fashion.
We are building a big, diverse and inspiring fashion community, together the possibilities are endless.

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As one of our Style Partners, you can choose to save money on the Fashion Products you buy for yourself and your family, earn money on your own sales, or invite others to join your team and earn money on the total group sales.

Many of our community members have made a successful full-time career as a Style Partner whilst others choose to sell our products in their spare time in order to earn an extra income. Whichever you prefer, you are welcome to join and we will assist you along the way.

How will Style Island support your success?

We're here for you every step of the way with the best tools, training, and technology to serve your clients and grow your business.

Tools to Serve Your Clients

Tools to Grow
Your Business

  • Personalised Dashboard
  • Style Island's Digital Catalogue And Mobile App
  • Virtual Training Platform
  • Easy access to your daily Business Report
  • Style Consultant Events
  • Digital & Printed Marketing Materials
  • Dedicated Home Office Support Team
  • Benefits & Sales Incentives

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to be a Style Consultant?


As a Style Consultant, you'll be offered an opportunity to shop Style Island's gorgeous seasonal collections and provide personalized styling services to your clients.

What perks will I get as a new Style Consultant?


As a Style Consultant you'll receive:
FASHION ADVICE You will get trained from India's top stylists!
VIP ACCESS You will get access to sales events, product launches, and Limited Edition Collections.
EXTRA SAVINGS- In addition to the volume discount, earn Loyalty Points when you register and join our style Reward program.
Lastly, There is NO MEMBERSHIP FEE, all you need to do is just register with us.

How much does it cost to start a Style Island business?


There is Zero start up cost with Style Island. As a Style Island Style Consultant, you can take orders from your client and place the order request on our website . Style Island fulfills the order and ships it directly from our warehouse, so you’ll never need to hold additional inventory to operate your business.

How do I apply and get started?


Applying is easy as 1-2-3! To get started, Join us as a Style Consultant by registering with us.

I don't know a Style Island Style Consultant or Style Partner. How can I get connected with one in my area?


No problem! Complete the joining form, and we'll get you connected with a Style Partner in your area.

If an item is out of stock, what can I do and does Style Island restock?


Style Island creates a limited amount of inventory each season. In some cases, items do sell out and in very limited cases Style Island reorders.

Will I receive training, support, and advice from Style Island ?


Absolutely! Style Island prides itself on a culture of collaboration and support as well as robust training, leadership development, and a suite of marketing tools and time-saving technology to serve your clients and build your business. When you sign up with us, in your personalized dashboard section you will have all the training material and information you will need.

How much can I earn and how will I get paid?


How you build your business, full-time or part-time, and how much you earn is completely up to you! Style Island offers a competitive Commission Plan that allows you to earn income in three ways: 1) Discount on your personal sales, 2) leading a team and earning commissions on their sales, and 3) Differential Commission are deposited directly into your bank account, which you'll set up when you apply. Style Island may offer additional sales incentives to active Style Consultants providing an additional income boost!

How many hours do I need to work?


How many hours you spend on your Style Island business is up to you. Style Consultants can work their business part-time, full-time, or alongside another full or part-time job. Your Style Partner can help map out a plan for success that works well with your life and schedule.

Is there a minimum I need to sell to remain a Style Island Style Consultant/Partner ?


Yes, to remain a stylist you just need to order every month with us. Style Island has monthly sales thresholds in place to ensure each Style Partner's success. Thresholds gradually increase as a Style Partner's business grows. Thresholds are attainable and help ensure Style Partner to begin turning a profit quickly.

What is the difference between a Style Island Style Consultant and Style Island Style Partner?


A Style Consultant is the base level that people enter Style Island with. The role of Style Consultant is to consume or sell products. With this position, you are working for yourself and usually by yourself! As a Style Partner, you work within a Team of Style Consultant/ Style Partner, your Upline work with you to help you achieve the maximum amount of sales possible! It’s down to you to work and achieve your commission and build your Style Island Business, working to progress through Levels.

What is Style Island return policy?


Style Island has a generous 30-day exchange/return policy. 100% Satisfaction or money back guarantee

How can I book virtual appointment with the Style Consultant?


Based on Stylist availability you can book virtual appointment with the Stylist.

Is there additional fees to use the Style Island Style Consultant for advise or consultation?


No, Style Island Whatsapp Styling Service is free of cost.

Can I sign up to be a Style Island stylist if I'm affiliated with another social selling company?


Style Consultants may be affiliated with other social selling companies.

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