Spring-Summer 2021: Top Trends to Look Out For!

Here’s your guide to the latest fashion trends for women from runways across the world! Some have been around for eons and others, redefined to modernistic aesthetics.

Off-Shoulder or Bardot Tops

The word Bardot is the legacy of the 1950s French starlet Brigitte Bardot who portrayed hedonistic styles with much panache. She often wore wide neck off-shouldered tops that exposed both shoulders, a trend that has regained quite a fan base amongst fashion designers of today! Style Island has a wide variety of clothing styles for ladies such as tops, jumpsuits, playsuits, and even dresses that illustrate this signature style. Perfect for the spring-summer months, you have to update your wardrobe with the flamboyance and glamour of the Bardot style neckline. Besides, the bare shoulders leave plenty of room to accessorize!

Bishop Sleeves

You’ll be surprised to find out how much of today’s fashion trends for women derive their roots from the Victorian era fashion for men. The baroque Bishop Sleeve is one such example. The long, over-flowing fabric gathered around the cuff was popularized in the Byzantine era early 6th century and re-occurred from the 30s to 60s in men’s shirts and women’s nightgowns. The same style has taken off once more since the past year or two and is featured in many of Style Island’s tops and dresses. Owing to its roomy cut, the style is suited for the hot summer months when clingy clothes are a big no-no.


Is there anything more romantic than ruffles, we think not! And we care not if they are on the neckline, hemming, sleeves et al, for these frills bring out the fun side in anything! Style Island has a host of ruffled tops, dresses, and even skirts that take clothing styles for ladies from drab to fab in an instant. They first appeared in the 15th century, and believe it or not as trimmings to chemises but made their way out into the mainland by the 16th century! Add some fervor to your wardrobe with ruffled numbers that embody femininity, passion, and movement.


The word ‘schiffli’ is means ‘little boat’ in the Swiss dialect of the German language, referring to the hull-like shape of the machine used to create this type of lace. This late 19th century fashion trend for women has resurfaced this summer and how! At Style Island, we’re crazy about this dainty pattern so you’ll find it pretty much in all of our styles, from tops to dresses, from skirts to pants, in trimmings or in the main fabric. We highly recommend you add some schiffli to your spring-summer wardrobe to stay in trend this season. The pretty apertures in the fabric make for easy-breezy wearability so you’ll always stay cool when it’s hot!


The gathered fabric style with some bit of elasticity that you’ve often seen on sleeves, bodice, or yoke is created by ‘shirring’, a technique developed in the late 19th century that has re-emerged as one of the top fashion trends for women around the globe. We, at Style Island have integrated this sweet summer style in many of our tops and dresses, and in a variety of fine fabrics and prints. If you don’t already own a shirred top, checkout our collection for unique pieces, some fusing two or more iconic styles in a perfect amalgamation—think Bardot top with a shirred bodice.

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